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Do You Speak English? Want to earn 400$ per hour by reading – Learn More


  1. –> Click on Are You Actor or Producer ?

Engage your skills, forge relationships and earn extra cash. Upload a few samples and find projects you want to produce.

2) Find a Book which looking for your voice ?

Create ready-for-retail audiobooks

By accepting an offer on ACX, you commit to not just a rough recording of the narration, but to delivering a fully-finished audiobook that complies with our Audiobook Submission Requirements.

Studios and narrators welcome

Whether you are a studio pro or an individual narrator, you can find work on ACX. And we’re here to help. Learn how to improve your skills by watching our video lessons and tutorials.

Increase your earnings

Learn how to increase your audience and sales. And see how easy it can be to earn up to $75 with the Bounty Referral Program.

3) Find Titles Accepting Auditions currrently ?

Choose Your Favourite Titles where you like to Add your Voice & Start earning After Successful Audition

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