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4 Apps that helps Students to Make Money while in College

1.Notesgen app

A Cross-Platform Learning Ecosystem for Students, Teachers and Institutes.

How to Earn with Notesgen App ?

Got Notes / Studymaterial upload in Notesgen Marketplace , Start Sharing and earn pocket money

Signup today at : https://marketplace.notesgen.com/ and start earning

Earn by featuring Notes/study materials in market place

2.Gig India

Finding work shouldn’t be a problem
GigIndia provides you meaningful remote employment opportunities from top global enterprises. Earn & Learn from your home.

With Gig India You can Work From Home , Get Paid Internship and Get Part-time Job from Top MNC Companies

Register here and start finding opportunities : https://gigindia.in/gig-freelancer-jobs

3.Squad run

SquadRun is an application that provides a user with various tasks to complete.Each task is called a ‘mission’ .Upon completion of these missions, the user is paid a certain amount of money referred to as ‘Squadcoins’. Each mission’s pay will vary depending upon the difficulty. The missions are easy, provided you read and understand the tutorials and training material very carefully. If you have some time to kill, SquadRun is the perfect app. The missions are designed in such a way that a user does not get bored. It is very much like playing a game.

Mission details:

Mostly, the missions are to help the e-commerce websites categorize their products. Each mission takes around 2 to 5 minutes to complete. The pay for each mission may vary from 100 Squadcoins(₹ 1) to 500 Squadcoins(₹ 5). There are higher paying ‘calling jobs’, in which the user has to make calls and collect data (No money is charged from the user for making calls). You might not be getting missions throughout the day, but make sure, when you start getting them, complete them quickly and with accuracy. Accuracy is the only thing that will lead you to more missions.

Payment and Redemption:

SquadRun pays its users through ‘Squadcoins’ .The squadcoins are accumulated in the ‘bank’ within the app. There is no limit as to what one can earn. Once the user has earned 6000 squadcoins(₹ 60), he/she can withdraw the money to the registered PayTm wallet. As of now, PayTm is the only method for withdrawal.


SquadRun has the best support team I have ever come across. They are quick, considering they are still young in the market. Whatever trouble you come across, first go through the FAQ section, everything is provided there very clearly. If that doesn’t resolve the issue, get in touch with ‘Basecamp’ (their user support wing), they’ll guide you appropriately.

Overall, SquadRun is a great app to make money in your free time. Whether you are sitting at home or travelling, all you need is a smartphone and an internet connection. You will also get to learn new things.

Start earning today by Downloading Squad Run App : Download Now

4.Picxele app

Picxele is a customized student centric application launched to bridge the gap between the brands and college students. Through Picxele, Gig Workers can apply for multiple tasks and perform gigs to earn regularly based on their skills from top companies across India by simply

Bridging gap between Companies and Gig Workers

Want to Work?
Complete Gigs and Earn Money from top Partner Companies

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